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Rudkins Toys

By Rudkins Toys
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Fun games to help children's speech

Operational times 24 hour
Age range 2 -
Specialist experience Specific learning difficulty
Moderate learning difficulty
Severe learning difficulty
Profound multiple learning difficulty
Multi-sensory impairment
Physical disability
Autism spectrum disorder
Speech language and communication needs
Social, emotional & mental health
Categories Learning resources
School support
Speech language and communication support
Location Delivered to you

Service last updated 8 April 2016

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Cost from
£5.95 per Game

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Full description

I am a mum of a two young children and my son has a diagnosis of Autism.  I was getting frustrated with the lack of resources available to help draw out my son's speech.  So I decided to make my own products which I sell on my website and on Amazon.

The illustrations are simple, modern and attractive and designed specifically for children with additional needs.  

The base and cards all have rounded corners for safety and come with sticky dots so the cards stay in place.  

There are free printable games and plenty of hints and tips on the website.



Cancellation Policy

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Insurance Policy

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Safeguarding Statement

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Jennifer Rudkins






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Provider information

We make fun matching games for children with additional needs.  Our games focus on encouraging social interaction and speech development.  Enjoy playi

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