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By AutismsDad
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Autism and child-friendly YouTube channel about Minecraft

Specialist experience Parent of a child with Autism
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Service last updated 22 November 2017

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Minecraft is the worlds most played game of all time and has a massive Autism following. Unfortunately for our ASD children and adults who play on online servers they are plagued with virtual bullying and trolling. It’s awful to think that nothing is sacred out there on the internet and that these truly vulnerable people are abused when doing something they love. Unfortunately I can’t change that but I can make an impact!

YouTube is a fickle place where YouTube'rs are worshipped like celebrities and Minecraft YouTubers make millions out of simply playing the game and posting videos of it.  So I thought what if I could do the same and capture viewers imaginations with what I do in Minecraft. If I create a brand/charity/persona that is headed by Autism then I can start to create a good associated experience for views who will relate it to Autism and thus ‘AutismsDad’ was born. Now, when Autists and non-Autists alike watch the channel and like/laugh/gain inspiration from what they see then they will have the Autism connection.  

Can I really make Autism have a positive persona through Minecraft to the outside world?  Well lets see what’s happened so far...  In its first few months the Autismsdad YouTube channel has grown to thousands of subscribers and is creating a tight like-minded community of followers. Stories are being shared and people are being encouraged and empowered to feel free from oppression and reprisals through the enjoyment of this simple game... Minecraft... So much so that we have even had to create the Autisms Minecraft Fans Server due to the overwhelming support. I just want to have people see Autism in a truly positive and approachable light and not that of a cold hostile and reclusive one that it can often be perceived as.

So here is my pledge to you all, EVERY penny that is gained from the AutismsDad YouTube channel will be dedicated to Autism Awareness! It will be aimed to achieve my ultimate goal in that of creating a Minecraft workshop group of Autistic people young and old that will travel through SEN dedicated schools across England to demonstrate how Minecraft can enhance the social awareness and context for our ASD children.

I hope to achieve this one day and with all my heart I thank you for my sons future...



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Steven Jones






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I create Autism and Child friendly content on Youtube around the game Minecraft. I have a son with Autism and I have dedicated the rest of my life to 

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