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Categories in Overnights & Breaks Away

In ‘Overnights & Breaks Away’ you can search for accessible and inclusive holidays, accommodation, and respite options for your family. Things like:

  • Hotels, holidays and travel agents that are committed to making reasonable adjustments
  • Family-friendly events companies, campsites and holiday venues that are accessible
  • Places your child can go away for the night without you – from sleepover venues to foster agencies


Families who consulted with us on what to include here had children with Learning Disabilities, Emotional Behavioural Difficulties, who were partially sighted and who were users of mobility equipment.

  • Accommodation with personal care Housing with personal care included.
  • Foster care short breaks An approved and trained foster carer who provides day, overnight and holiday breaks in their own home.
  • Holidays Accommodation and holiday providers that are accessible to families of disabled children and young people or specialise in travelling when you have additional needs.
  • Overnight activities, camping, sleepovers Companies offering overnight breaks and activites with other children and young people
  • Residential short breaks Facilities or homes where your child or young person can stay locally for a set amount of time.
  • Special occasions Companies and people providing specialist venues, or catering or entertainment for special occasions and events.
  • Summer camps Breaks away and camps in the school holidays
  • Supported holidays Companies offering specialist independent holidays with support workers for your child or young person.
  • Weekend trips Supported trips away for weekends.
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