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Categories in Health & Wellbeing

In 'Health & Wellbeing', you can search for accessible and inclusive services that are designed to keep you and your family mentally and physically well. Things like:

  • Activities to keep you fit and therapies (everything from gym memberships, to massages, to music, arts or equine therapy)
  • Medical support and interventions (like dentists, physiotherapists, chiropodists, or particular equipment like hearing aids)
  • Community health services (like health visitors, pharmacists, hospice care or sexual health advice)


SENDirect is growing daily, if you don’t find what you are looking for right away, let us know by filling in our feedback form and we’ll put a call out on social media as well as asking our contacts to help you find it. You can also tweet us directly at @SENDirectnews for help with your search.

This section of SENDirect might be particularly useful if your child has complex health needs, or if your family wants support with your physical or mental wellbeing. Families who consulted with us on what to include here had children with Learning Disabilities, Down’s Syndrome, Prader Willi Syndrome, William’s Syndrome, Autism and hearing impairments.


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