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Categories in Fun Stuff

In ‘Fun Stuff’ you can search for all the things your children and family like to do for fun. Things like:

  • Accessible clubs that cater for your child’s special interests, whether that is sports, dancing, music or animals
  • Places to go for days out like adventure playgrounds, or farms
  • Afterschool and preschool activity sessions
  • Clubs that specialise in supporting children to socialise with children with similar needs
  • Befriending services and short breaks


Families who consulted with us on what to include here had children with Cystic Fibrosis, Cerebral Palsy, Fragile X, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, mobility needs, Pathological Demand Avoidance, and Anaphylaxis, as well as families of children without a diagnosis.

  • Adventure playgrounds Local playgrounds to visit and learn through adventurous play
  • After school clubs Term time clubs your child or young person can attend during the week in your area.
  • Animal handling Trips to local farms and animal sanctuaries.
  • Arts and crafts Art and craft clubs
  • Befriending/ buddying, gig buddies Increase independence and access new experiences through befriending and mentoring
  • Breakfast clubs Early morning clubs before school starts.
  • Dancing Different types of dancing clubs and classes available locally.
  • Day services Week day services for young people who arent in full time education.
  • Day trips or evenings out People offering help to access local amenities like museums and cinemas or bars and restaurants.
  • Drama Local amateur dramatic clubs and drama groups.
  • Drop in clubs Clubs and groups you can access regularly without booking in advance
  • Evening clubs Evening clubs your child or young person can attend in your area.
  • Exploring nature Groups that get together to share an interest in nature and the countryside.
  • Fitness classes Gyms and clubs that can offer fitness classes that cater to you.
  • Gardening Groups or organisations that offer opportunities to learn about gardening and food growing.
  • Groups for specific disabilities Groups that aim to bring specific groups of people together for support, advice or fun!
  • Holiday playschemes Play services that take place in school holidays in your area.
  • Multi-media clubs Clubs for people who are interested in film and music making.
  • Music clubs Groups who get together to enjoy music locally.
  • Music classes Classes for people who want to learn how to make music or play an instrument.
  • Pampering Treatments for you or your family locally - spas that can cater for your needs.
  • Personal trainers Personal trainers who work with children and young people with disabilities locally.
  • Sensory play Places that offer sensory play or access to sensory rooms locally
  • Shopping support People who can help your young person go shopping for themselves
  • Short breaks Short sessions for your child to enjoy while you get a break.
  • Soft play Facilities with soft play rooms you can access.
  • Sports Clubs and groups for various sports in your area that can cater for your family's needs.
  • Support to access services People who can help you and your family access new services
  • Swimming classes Swimming pools and tutors who can cater for your needs locally.
  • Teenagers groups Groups and clubs aimed at teenagers.
  • Under 5’s groups Groups to bring your pre-schoolers to in your area.
  • Horse riding Supported horse riding lessons or groups
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