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In ‘Advice, Support, Participation and Training’ you’ll find resources and support for families of disabled children. Things like:

  • Advice surgeries and helplines where you can access advice that will help you navigate the SEN, Social Care, Health and Welfare System, and find support for your child
  • Support groups and family clubs where you can meet and share experiences with other families
  • Parent carer forums where you can join other parents in influencing what services are available locally
  • Training and information resources


Families who consulted with us on what to include here had children with Cystic Fibrosis, Cerebral Palsy, Fragile X, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, mobility needs, Pathological Demand Avoidance, and Anaphylaxis.

  • Advocacy services Local organisations that can offer support if you are having issues with things your child has a right to recieve.
  • Benefits advice Your local advice givers.
  • Children's Centres Your local children's centre
  • Crisis support Support your family can access in an emergency.
  • Family clubs Clubs for the whole family to enjoy and meet other families as well.
  • Family support Services that can support your family in the ways you need.
  • Financial advice For services offering advice around family finance, or personal budget or direct payment advice
  • Grant services Grant giving bodies who may be able to offer support in certain circumstances and for specific needs. Money you can apply for to support your family.
  • Helpline Support, advice and information available on the telephone
  • Housing advice Your local advice givers.
  • Independent Supporters Find your local Independent Supporter
  • Information Services offering information that supports families.
  • Information Advice and Support Services (IASS) IAS Services have a duty to provide information, advice and support to disabled children and young people, and those with SEN, and their parents. They are statutory services which means there has to be one in every local authority. Formerly known as Parent Partnership Services.
  • Keyworking Specific support for your family
  • Legal advice Your local advice givers.
  • Local Offer The link to your Local Offer
  • Mediation services Mediation services available for parents, carers or young people to advice/help/assist them with disagreements about how the needs of their child or the young person are being met.
  • Outreach Local organisations looking for families to support.
  • Parent Carer Forums Get together with other families to influence change in your area.
  • Parent groups Groups for parents to get together to share experiences, support each other and make friends.
  • School advice Your local advice givers.
  • Services for professionals Services and resources for professionals who are working with the families of children and young people with additional needs.
  • Social groups Get together with people who know what you are going through and can offer mutual support and things to do together
  • Support for victims of abuse Support for those who have experienced or witnessed abuse
  • Siblings groups Groups for siblings of children and young people with additonal needs - places where they can share their own experiences and make friends.
  • Support groups Local groups that could be condition or disability specific or simply somewhere to talk to people.
  • Training Providers offering training for parent carers or professionals.
  • Young Carers services Groups, activities and support for young carers
  • Fostering and adoption services Services supporting the fostering or adoption of children with disabilities.
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